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It has been a while…

It has been a while since something was last posted on here. I figured that I would write up a quick post. So here goes…what happened to market research? Do businesses still do this? It seems that with the advent of Social Networks and other data gathering means that people don’t talk to their market to get the information that they need. Have companies started to rely on consumers handing over their information to marketers and advertisers?I read an article from the WSJ that said some Facebook applications have been leaking personal information to marketers and advertisers. Is this considered market research now? I keep hearing that businesses want to deepen their relationships with their customers. I guess I would start by talking to my customers. I wouldn’t rely on someone’s profile online to tell me all about their habits. I want to hear it from the source!
About the Author: Suken Shah is a digital strategist based out of Las Vegas. Naturally this article is connected to Suken’s profile.

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