Suken Shah

Digital Strategist

Cox Media

Privately held Fortune 100 Company that is the fourth largest provider of cable advertising services in North America

New Media Product Manager

– Directly responsible for generating $600,000 in revenue for 2009
– Responsible for product pricing, sales activity, and sales tracking for new media products- Analyzed weekly financial information in regards to all new media products
– Developed mobile, video-on-demand, Interactive advertising and Internet packages for clients
– Responsible for achieving $300,000 annual revenue from new media products in 2008
– Created and managed monthly e-newsletter campaign for Cox Media
– Planned and executed numerous employee and public marketing campaigns
– Click here for an article about The Lion King Mobile campaign

Marketing Supervisor

– Created Marketing CafĂ©, a think-tank program which generated $200,000 in revenue
– Generated $1,700,000 in incremental revenue through A Welcome Home promotional opportunities
– Hired, trained and led four-person marketing staff
– Managed $200,000 annual marketing budget
– Responsible for successful local product launch of GoScout HOMES and GoScout AUTOS
– Generated $350,000 in revenue from GoScout HOMES
– Generated $100,000 in revenue from GoScout AUTOS

Marketing Specialist

– Developed a sports calendar excel sheet that has generated over $350,000 in incremental revenue
– Generated $200,000 in incremental revenue through Winter Olympics pre-sales event
– Developed strategic marketing plans to increase market share from new and existing clients

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