Suken Shah

Digital Strategist

Big Data, Big Business

With so many people collecting data about you. It makes one wonder what will happen to all that information. How will it be used? How will it be stored? I think that we are looking at the web 4.0 start. Where big data is going to be used to make big decisions. Maybe it will be stitching together years of individual pieces of personal data to paint a broad picture of several groups. All this information could lead to decisions being made faster and better when it comes to our infrastructure, health and daily lives. The key now is putting all your history together and making sense of it within a macro context. I think big data will shape many things in the coming years and make things better for all of us.
About the Author: Suken Shah is a digital strategist based out of Las Vegas. Naturally this article is connected to Suken’s profile.

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