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Smart Fridges, Technology and Pete Cashmore

A technology packed fridge from Samsung

How technology will rule our fridge, car and oven!

I am a big fan of technology and how it can make life easier for all of us. I got to spend a little time in Phoenix the last couple days, and had Mashabe CEO Pete Cashmore talk to us about what is “next” when it comes to technology. It is kind of funny but he talked a lot about wearable technology and how the Internet would be available on all sorts of devices. When I was teaching at UNLV I ended with a what is next in technology presentation and so much of what I talked about two years ago Pete talked about last week. I talked about Microsoft surface and how all of our daily household items would have Internet built in.

I think that we are getting closer and closer to having more of these gadgets and this technology being mainstream. Think of a world where your fridge tells you that your milk is about to go bad or that you need to buy some eggs.The evolution is happening and the how all of these newly connected items working together will be interesting to see. It would be great to have milk, eggs and other items you need added right you your favorite grocery store shopping app, so that you don’t have to worry about adding these items into your list before you go to the store.

All of this new connectivity begs a question: How much more information can we handle? We are already bombarded with emails, tweets, and a massive amount of Facebook posts and now on top of that your car, oven and fridge need your attention.We went from “dumb” phones to “smart” phones and how we are on the cusp of “dumb” appliances becoming “smart”.  My hope is that the “smart” will make life a little easier for all of us.

About the Author: Suken Shah is a digital strategist based out of Las Vegas. Naturally this article is connected to Suken’s profile.

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