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Smart Fridges, Technology and Pete Cashmore

How technology will rule our fridge, car and oven! I am a big fan of technology and how it can make life easier for all of us. I got to spend a little time in Phoenix the last couple days, and had Mashabe CEO Pete Cashmore talk to us about what is “next” when it comes to […]

Twenty 10

What a year! So many things went on and so many things changed our lives. We now see people carrying ipads and tablet computers everywhere. The age of being mobile and being able to work and play from anywhere is upon us. The Internet is growing and moving into this new mobile space. I’ve always […]

It has been a while…

It has been a while since something was last posted on here. I figured that I would write up a quick post. So here goes…what happened to market research? Do businesses still do this? It seems that with the advent of Social Networks and other data gathering means that people don’t talk to their market […]

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What to expect in 2010

I always end my semester at UNLV with a discussion about what is going to be the hot trend for the next few years.  Take a listen to the NPR story about location based apps in 2010. About the Author: Suken Shah is a digital strategist based out of Las Vegas. Naturally this article is […]