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Keep your email list clean

Keep your email database clean with simple tips. Clean email databases can lead to higher conversion rates and better click-through rates. In life we tend to gather “things” as we move from one stage of life to another. We have toys from our youth and pictures from high school all sitting around somewhere. As a […]

Use big data and get nominated nine Emmys

Netflix uses big data in hopes to clean up big at Emmys. All that user data could mean big Emmy wins for Netflix. I applaud Netflix on their work with House of Cards. I admit that we watched all 13 episodes almost in one weekend. The use of big data by Netflix could mean the […]

How To Get More Likes, Re-Tweets, Etc.

Courtsey of I wouldn’t call this an infographic. I would call it a comic-graphic. A great lesson for online marketers on how to get people to “like” the content that you post online. Click over to to take a look at the entire graphic. About the Author: Suken Shah is a digital strategist based out […]

Some Inspiration For Your Thursday

By Suken Shah I figure it doesn’t hurt to share a little inspiration on this Thursday. Take a look at the 2013 National ADDY award winners. This is some of the best that marketing and advertising has to offer in American. Enjoy browsing through the winners. About the Author: Suken Shah is a digital strategist […]

Smart Fridges, Technology and Pete Cashmore

How technology will rule our fridge, car and oven! I am a big fan of technology and how it can make life easier for all of us. I got to spend a little time in Phoenix the last couple days, and had Mashabe CEO Pete Cashmore talk to us about what is “next” when it comes to […]

Big Data, Big Business

With so many people collecting data about you. It makes one wonder what will happen to all that information. How will it be used? How will it be stored? I think that we are looking at the web 4.0 start. Where big data is going to be used to make big decisions. Maybe it will […]


It is getting late so I will make this quick. I value all the relationships that I have made over the years and new ones that I make everyday. I think that the art of relationships has been taken over by some quick non-meaningful digital social interaction. Pick up the phone, stop by someone’s office […]

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